Fanime 2006


So FC2k6 was fun. The highlight was not the con itself, but rather being able to hang out with people I haven't seen in too long (Tempura Anime Club Members, and others that I've met at past California conventions), rather than the con itself. IMO their Live Programming is deteriorating - not as many panels, and their dance seemed to be missing the DJs I look forward to most (Alana/MPU/Nekomancer & Jinnai). DJ Socket and the others there did a decent job though. Of video programming, usually all I watch at Fanime are the live action films. This year that was Waterboys, which lived up to my expectations, and Nana, which I wasn't expecting much from, and only caught the latter half - it was OK (decent story, but the non-rock-star Nana character is kindof annoying).

Of other highlights, while in my Claus costume, someone asked in I even had the holes in the bottom of my boots, and I was happy to show off that I did. (The crazy boots are the main reason I made the costume in the first place.) It seems a lot of people aren't familiar with Last Exile. If you're one of those people, go watch it.

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